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540 Interactive Announces Launch of jetCharter.com

Overhauled Site Allows for Increased Opportunity to Compete for New Business, and an Enhanced Customer Experience

540 Interactive, Inc., central Florida's leading e-business development solutions provider, announced today that it has officially launched www.jetcharter.com.

The new interactive and highly customized site was created to provide customers a better overall user experience for existing and new clients wishing to book a trip anywhere in the United States, improve the speed of site navigation, and make the site easier to manage for jetCharter. The improved site also allows for the removal and reduction of backlog phone traffic into the jetCharter offices. This new site marks JetCharter's latest and most important evolution in the online world.

With this latest launch, 540 Interactive has created a site that includes the following features:

  • An improved customer section that enhancing the site's ease-of-use,
  • A user-friendly and dynamic front-end design,
  • A visual calendar of pending flights for the management,
  • Ability to record a customer history with follow-up action items,
  • A sales Funnel function, giving the administrator a snapshot on performance,
  • A customer relationship management tool, and
  • A broker portal allowing individual brokers access to the CRM tools.

  • The new site also includes a more functional content management solution (CMS) that allows for easier internal management of content. All while ensuring jetCharter is able to keep their site fresh, dynamic and informative for their customers.

    "We are extremely proud of the new jetCharter.com site. We believe we have made the site more functional for jetCharter's clients and their administration. We have a long history in helping business customers, big and small, use the Internet and web sites to not only communicate better with their customers, but drive revenue in a more efficient way that can really make a difference to the bottomline. This site is reflective of that history and skill," stated Paul Joachim, President of 540 Interactive, Inc.

    The site has also been expertly optimized to ensure efficient search-ability from all major search engines throughout the Internet.

    "We're very excited about the launch of our new website. The added features will give us much greater flexibility in terms of managing how users are able to interact with us to purchase and manage their tripsÓ, stated Ken Starnes, president of jetCharter.com. ÒThe enhanced design brings us into the 21st century and gives us a dynamic look and feel that is an incredible upgrade for our customers. We believe this new site will make a true, positive difference in our bottomline. We couldn't be more pleased with 540's work."

    Last year, 540 Interactive announced it had expanded its local staff and relocated to a larger office location in Orlando.

    About 540 Interactive, Inc.

    540 Interactive, Inc. is central Florida's leading e-business development solutions provider. Based in Orlando, Florida, 540 is uniquely positioned in central Florida to help business customers grow their business using innovative technology, methodology and support functionality to harness the true opportunity of the Internet, and deliver bottomline results. Offering a full suite of e-business development solutions from web site design and development to content management solutions, 540 Interactive is built to grow with its customers today, and beyond. For more information visit www.540interactive.com, or call at (407) 657-5100.

    About JetCharter.com

    JetCharter.com is a leader in aviation web technology. The company was founded as a solution to the problems associated with commercial air travel and the challenges faced in booking charter flights. Its mission is to give consumers total travel freedom--the ability to pick the time, the place, the aircraft and even the price for their flights. Over 1,000 air charter companies are registered with jetCharter to participate in bidding. Because safety is a jetCharter.com priority, each of these companies has been thoroughly reviewed, including their FAA certifications, insurance records, training activities and pilot requirements, before being allowed to bid on jetCharter.com trips. For more information, visits www.jetcharter.com.

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