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Calculating Return on Investment

Calculating Return on Investment

In an evolving world of e-business, e-commerce and faster customer response requirements, being online - and being efficient while you are online - are more important than ever. Your Internet marketing costs should be allocated, monitored, and tracked with the same efficiency as your other business expenses.

The best way to ensure your efficiency is to start with identifying and analyzing the benefits and expectations of your online effort. Setting a return on investment (ROI) expectation is the first step in heading the right direction.

Interactive projects tend to be more complicated so developing an ROI for your project ensures you are prioritized correctly to achieve your rollout plan. The 540 approach is to set the bar by establishing an ROI component that is achievable and realistic. Your interactive investments make up the engine of our business, and it is critical to our bottom line that you be able to recognize the true value of your online projects.

Web site traffic is gradually increasing, and in particular revenue traffic... We also are able to look more professional to the marketplace... We're pleased with the payback on our investment."
- Nancy Krug, CMI Medical, Inc.

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