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Customer Focused Web sites

Customer-focused Web sites

What is the best way to target customers? Whether it's online or in traditional mediums, the critical question is whether the approach or initiative you take will reach the customer. And as with traditional mediums, which have long been saturated by competition, the Internet has become an ultra-competitive environment for businesses.

How do you create a Web site that meets the needs of your customers, your suppliers, the press, your partners, and just general users of the Internet? Like other mediums, each target audience has specific needs and looks for those needs to be met in different ways. It is a challenge to create one site that covers all the bases, builds your company brand, and also provides easy access to quality, relevant content.

At 540 interactive, we understand the issues around connecting with all your audiences and attempt, at each turn, to keep things simple despite the complex nature of building a Web site. We work closely with you to understand the core requirements of your users and match that with your Internet marketing campaign.

"We now have increased Web traffic and are receiving a lot of compliments. I hear over and over again that new clients have chosen V1 Jets because we have combined our exceptional service with state-of-the-art technology. They routinely tell us that our interactive Web-based system is highly functional, yet simple to use."
- Andrew Zarrow, Chief Operating Officer, V1 Jets

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